28″ 8lb Laker first


28″ 8lb Laker first

28″ 8lb Laker first time out with #jonahjigs…my personal best to date…LAKE GEORGE #nategalimorefishing

Last modified: September 16, 2017

18 Replies to “28″ 8lb Laker first”

  1. Dude that’s so amazing. Beautiful fish

  2. John Rescott – Jonah Rescott – Jerry Sellick

  3. Nice! Beautiful fish! I went out for Lakers this morning tried everything marked them but couldn’t get them to bite tried trolling drop shot with jigs live bait any suggestions? Never had such a hard time getting them to bitr

  4. Very respectable fish for this time of year!! 💪🏻✌🏻

  5. Nice one that’s a lake George trout too

  6. I would be smiling like that too congratulations nice fish

  7. Wow..amazing. Awesome catch

  8. Nice catch, you should come check out the Essex County Fish Hatchery, we don’t have Lakers right now we have Rainbows, Browns, and Brookies

  9. Looking good buddy. SMOKE 😎

  10. Can’t beat that first time out nice job

  11. Did you keep the fish

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