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Fishing Report – Lake George, NY 4/20/17

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Fishing Report – Lake George, NY 4/15/17

 I finally got out on Lake George in 2017, and it was a brisk beautiful morning.  The last few days I had been setting up the new HDS-12 Carbon, and StructureScan 3D. It does not disappoint.

I went out today to test the rig with the abundant structure of Lake George.

I did very little fishing, so not much to report other than I saw trout still fairly close to the bottom.  I ran by some of the brooks running into the lake and saw no signs of smelt yet.  I also did not see any bait balls in the typical spring spots.

I have a trip planned for next weekend that is for fishing now that the boat is ready to go.  These reports will be way more detailed.

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Fishing Report Data:

  • Fish Species Targeted: Did Not Fish

  • Catch: Did Not Fish

  • Presentation: Did Not Fish

  • Gear: Did Not Fish

  • Water Clarity: 20+ Feet

  • Water Temp: Less than 38 degrees

  • Air Pressure: Around 30in and falling

  • Wind: None in the morning picked up in the afternoon then SSW 8-10 mph

  • General Overview: Did not see any bait balls of smelt yet.  Water is still very cold.

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