Fishing Report – Lake George, NY 4/22/17

Fishing Report – Lake George, NY 4/22/17 - Nate Galimore Fishing -

Day of two of my fishing weekend did not disappoint.  I went back to fishing what I know works.  Trolling at first light.  Unfortunately, we had to deal with the densest fog I have ever experienced on the water.  We could not see one foot off the bow or stern of the boat.  I had to rely on my compass and chart plotter to get where I wanted to.  Traveling at 5 mph caused us to miss the first 90 mins of daylight fishing.

My Dad did reel in a keeper on the first pass of trolling.  We had a few more hits, but then it died down and the sonar reflected it also.

Water temps are still below 44 in the morning.  Towards the end of the day, temps hit 44 degrees.  The fish are still in winter mode.  I also checked spring smelt areas and they aren’t there yet.  The sonar shows they are still in winter locations.

I took a shot at vertical jigging for trout for the first time.  Didn’t have any luck.  This was mostly due to poor boat control.  My i-Pilot remote died again. This caused me to have a hard time holding over the bait clouds.  Additionally when I was jigging the fish were not active.

The perch fishing was good we pulled in several Jack perch, and upon fileting them I noticed most of them are females with eggs.  They are getting ready to spawn.


Fishing Report Data:

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  • Fish Species Targeted: Salmon Lake and Trout

  • Catch: 24″ Lake Trout and lots of perch

  • Presentation: Trolling lead core, with 4″ Deep Diving Banana Bait

  • Gear: 10′ Trolling Rod with 18lb lead core, 20lb fluro lead, baitcasting reel

  • Water Clarity: 20+ Feet

  • Water Temp: 42-43 degrees

  • Air Pressure: Around 1008 mb and falling

  • Wind: None in the morning picked up in the afternoon then NE 8-10 mph

  • General Overview: Early spring patterns have not begun yet. Winter patterns just before the lake froze over are still in effect.  Fishing winter tactics should still work.


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