Fishing Weather Reports – Lake George, NY

Fishing Weather Reports

Fishing Weather Reports – Lake George, NY - Nate Galimore Fishing -


Weather plays an important part in determining your tactic for a particular outing.  Most weather sites are about the forecasting.  Fish are more sensitive to weather than us humans and generally, begin to react to weather that is coming.  I find it helpful to look at certain weather conditions over the past 2-3 days to get an idea of what the fish have doing.

I also use forecasts to think about what they will be doing while I am out on the water.

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Air Pressure



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Considering air pressure to be being Low or High is relative to that particular area.  This chart shows the air pressure trends over the last 72 hours.  Fish will react mostly to changing pressure.    If the air pressure has been rising the weather generally has been improving, and the fish with sensitive bladders such as Lake Trout usually go deeper in the water column and should be fished slower.  If pressure has been constant for a while, the bite will be average and a wider range of tactics will work.  Once the air pressure begins to drop, fishing becomes very active, but also note that dropping pressure also indicates a weather system moving careful.





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The Wind impacts surface clarity, waves, and can cause fish to move closer to shores where the wind has blown potential food into the water.  Waves are a build up of energy.  So If you have a 10 mph wind coming from the south in Lake George once you get into the open water past Dome Island the waves are going to be very choppy, much more so back towards Million Dollar beach.



Air Temperature


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Temperature impacts the water temperature. Changing water temperature impacts where some fish will be in the water column.

Current Weather

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