Lake George Smallmouth Bass feeding freenzy August 5th 2017

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Lake George Smallmouth Bass feeding freenzy August 5th 2017 - Nate Galimore Fishing -

Today was a great day on Lake George.  I caught 4 18-inch Smallmouth Bass and several others.  They put up a great fight.  I also lost one laker. It breached the water, shook the lure from its mouth, while it was a sight to see.  I didn’t set the hook good, I have no one to blame but myself.

I kept fishing under water ridges in about 40 feet of water.  They hit everything we threw out there.  The big ones nailed my spinner.

It has been a couple of months since I have fished Lake George.  My dad joined me for this outing, it was nice to have him out again.  The weather was messy this morning.  I knew it would be last night, so I took advantage of the satellite weather on the Lowrance HDS Carbon 12 and avoided as much as I could.  A freak pattern ended up forming and we got poured upon about four times.  It was worth it though.

As expected by 11 am skies cleared, and the day turned gorgeous. By 2 pm Lake George was its typical condition.  Lots of rec boats.




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Lake George Detailed Fishing Report 08/05/2017:


  • Fish Species Targeted: Bass, Lake Trout, and perch

  • Catch: Couldn’t keep Smallmouth off of our lines

  • Presentation: Slow retrieve, with a quick jerk…imitating injured bait.

  • Gear: Spinner baits, Senkos, Drop Shot crawlers

  • Water Clarity: 20+ feet

  • Water Temp: Thermocline has set up around 38 feet.

  • Wind: 5 MPH early morning…by late afternoon it was about 8 mph gusting to 12mph

  • General Overview: The bite was great. Lots of suspended fish in 40′ of water hanging off ridges

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2 Replies to “Lake George Smallmouth Bass feeding freenzy August 5th 2017”

  1. Rob Edmiston says:

    I’ve been wanting to come out to your neck of the woods to fly fish the AuSable River but I may have to go out with you instead LOL.

    1. Hey Rob, I would most definitely take you out. I sadly have not been to Ausable river. Next year I plan on adding some fly fishing to my arsenal.

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