Saratoga Lake Fishing Report: 05/07/2022 at 09:26 am

Saratoga Lake Fishing Report: 05/07/2022 at 09:26 am - Nate Galimore Fishing - Maple Shade

Today I finally was able to get out on the water to go after walleye.  I started out catching Chain Pickerel about two hours earlier.  After checking the flats in the southern basin of the lake, I moved to the eastern shore just north of Snake Hill.  I worked a NorthSouth line in 12 feet of water.  I cast a Gulp Minnow and slowly popped it off of the bottom as I drifted.  The wind was really howling, and boat control was tough.  Instead of fighting the wind I used it to push the boat the South, while casting the lure North. I would drift for about 150 yards.  At the end of the drift, I would use the trolling motor to get back where I started.  This tactic also got me into nice Yellow Perch. The Walleye I was catching where each between 18-20 inches.

Date Caught: 05/07/2022
Time Caught: 09:26 am
Area Caught: Maple Shade NY
Fish Caught: Walleye | Length: 20 inches | Weight: lbs

Catch DetailsLure DetailsCatch LocationCatch ConditionsWater Temperature
The Walleye was caught while it was hugging the bottom in 12 feet of deep (5-15ft) water. The bite was a hard hit.
    • Fishing Method: Casting
    • Lure Used: Jig with Gulp Minnow
    • Lure Color(s): Chartreuse
    • Latitude and Longitude : 43.019601, -73.72581699999999
    • Nearest City: Maple Shade NY
    • Map View:
    • Water Surface Conditions: Heavy Chop
    • Weather Condition Overview: Overcast
    • Air Temperature (F): 48.2
    • Wind Coming From: NE
    • Wind Speed (mph): 13.6
    • Air Pressure (mb): 1014
    • Surface Temperature: 50.1 (f)
    • Temp at 5-10 ft: (f)
    • Temp at 11-15 ft: (f)
    • Temp at 16-20 ft: (f)
    • Temp at 21-25 ft: (f)
    • Temp at 26-30 ft: (f)
    • Temp at 31-35 ft: (f)
    • Temp at 36-40 ft: (f)
    • Temp at 41-45 ft: (f)
    • Temp at 46-50 ft: (f)
    • Temp at 51-60 ft: (f)
    • Temp at 61-70 ft: (f)

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Last modified: May 13, 2022