Special Guest: Guide Timothy Keefe and his family Lake George 8/12/17

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Special Guest: Guide Timothy Keefe and his family Lake George 8/12/17 - Nate Galimore Fishing -

Timothy Keefe founder of Keefe Hollow Outfitting Co. of Kingston, NY, and I met in back in March.  We were both at the New York State Outdoor Guides Association Winter Rendezvous (Awesome Event).  We discussed meeting up and doing what we love…fishing.  After a few emails Timothy, his wife, and son met us on Lake George for a good time fishing.  My wife also joined us a provided some great photos for our Social Media and websites.

The day started off dreary but turned to sunny and warm by noon. In the end, it was a gorgeous day on the lake.  I got out there about two hours early to beat the launch traffic and scout the fishing activity.  At around 6:45 am I could see Lake Trout actively feeding at the bottom in about 120 feet of water.  The sonar was going nuts. Unfortunately by 8 AM, which was our scheduled meeting time the bite was done.

The wind steady about 10 mph from the south and created a really rocky chop, so I decided to head up into the narrows, and get a reprieve from the wind.  After that, we went to the Hullets Landing area and setup on some perch. Even though we were not landing massive lake trout the feeling of getting a bite, and reeling in some fish had everyone smiling.  My freezer is happy as I have some very nice perch filets for the fryer.



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Lake George Detailed Fishing Report 08/12/2017:


  • Fish Species Targeted: Lake Trout, and perch

  • Catch: Lots of perch, not lakers 🙁

  • Presentation: For the perch, we were casting jig heads tipped with a piece of night crawler in a channel between two under what humps, and slowly retrieved

  • Gear: Spincasting with jig heads from VMC

  • Water Clarity: 20+ feet

  • Water Temp: Thermocline has set up around 38 feet.

  • Wind: 10 MPH early morning…gusting to 15 mph

  • General Overview: The afternoon was good for a low key family outing.

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