Saratoga Lake Map – Google Earth

Saratoga Lake Map – Google Earth - Nate Galimore Fishing - google earth

Download this map for use with Google Earth on your mobile phone or tablet.

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Basic Instructions:

  1. Log in and click the “Email Me A Download Link For This Content” button on this page above.
  2. Check your Email for a link to download the file. Be sure to check your spam folder.
  3. Extract the zip file to folder on your computer. Be sure to keep all three files included together.
  4. Install Google Earth Pro on your computer (its’s free), you will need a google account.
  5. Open Google Earth Pro, goto File then Import
  6. Select the KMZ file (not KML), and choose import.
  7. You will see Google Earth Pro zoom in and display the Map.

At this point leverage Google Earth Pro to best use the map for your fishing needs. Below are somethings to look into:

  • Look into creating a project and saving it using your google account. This is what would allow you to view across on your mobile device.
  • Note that when imported it will be in a folder named “Temporary Places” you may want to create a permanent folder for your import
  • Google Earth determines which contour lines to show actual depths. It does a poor job of it, there is nothing you can do. On a device with GPS, you can still navigate to a piece of structure using, and drop a waypoint. and note the depth yourself.

Please do not share your Google Map projects. Support this work by referring people to our site and have them download their own files. This will help keep this free.

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