I have an amazing father

Meet Nate Galimore - Nate Galimore Fishing -

Fishing is our thing, to this day my Dad and I continue to bond over fishing. I can only remember a couple of times my Dad went fishing without me. My mom often recalls how I’d go down to the dock after school, and cry. My Dad would see me and row back and get me.  We would catch lots of fish, clean them, fry’em, and have great family fish fry’s.

For me as a child I loved fishing, but what I loved most was being out on the water with my Dad.  Now I have two sons, and I look forward to spending time with them on the water and sharing in the father-son bonding experiences I had growing up.

In my early 20’s until about two years ago I was head down into my IT career.  During this time I met, married, and had two boys with my wonderful wife (who picked out the boat!).  Life consumed lots of my time, as a result fishing took a back burner.  I reached a point in my career where I wasn’t happy, always stressed out, and away from my young family that I love dearly.  Recently I have been blessed with a day job that affords some work-life balance, which translated to time on the water fishing and boating with my family.

The additional time on the water over the last few years rekindled an old passion, fishing.

So now I have begun taking family and friends on fishing outings to execute my plans. I absolutely love when I say “OK, pay attention you gonna get a bite” Then BAM!!, the excitement on their faces is incredible.

Noticing how much I enjoyed these experiences lead me to realize I want to start offering guided fishing trips. So I set off to become a licensed guide, and haven’t looked back. I am looking forward to sharing an experience with anyone who is interested.

Last modified: May 13, 2022