Dad’s birthday fishing trip! August 19 2018

Dad’s birthday fishing trip!

Dad's birthday fishing trip! Today I had four awesome guys out on Saratoga Lake.

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Fishing with Dad before August 18 2018

Fishing with Dad before

Fishing with Dad before college. Today a father brought his twin sons up for some

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Great day on the June 3 2018

Great day on the Mohawk River

Great day on the Mohawk...this 24 inch walleye was one of the beauties that was

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Today it was just May 29 2018

Today it was just me

Today it was just me on the water, and it was great. Fished the Mohawk between Lock

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Boat is ready to May 27 2018

Boat is ready to go…

Boat is done...and ready to go...

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December 24 2017

Last outing of the year!

Last outing of the year...Merry Christmas!!! For you hard water folks Northwest Bay

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November 13 2017

Sundays guests really wanted

Sundays guests really wanted to get some walleye in the freezer, he also wanted to

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November 13 2017

My Dad and Sister

My Dad and Sister Joined me on Lake George , we had a good time caught lots of

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September 16 2017

28″ 8lb Laker first time out with #jonahjigs…my personal best...

28" 8lb Laker first time out with #jonahjigs...my personal best to date...LAKE

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August 13 2017

Special Guest: Guide Timothy Keefe and his family Lake George...

Timothy Keefe founder of Keefe Hollow Outfitting Co. of Kingston, NY, and I met in

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