Saratoga Lake Fishing Report: 06/11/2023 at 10:51 am

Nate Galimore Fishing

I tied on a gulp minnow rigged weedless with no weight. I cast it into some weeds and let it sink. Then, I popped it up and let it float back down.

On the third pop, I felt a tug on my line. I set the hook, and the fish started to fight. It was a big one! I fought it for a few minutes, and finally I landed it. It was an 18-inch largemouth bass!

Date Caught: 06/11/2023
Time Caught: 10:51 am
Area Caught: Saratoga Springs NY
Fish Caught: Largemouth Bass | Length: 18 inches | Weight: lbs
Catch DetailsLure DetailsCatch LocationCatch ConditionsWater Temperature
The Largemouth Bass was caught while it was along a weed edge in feet of deep (5-15ft) water. The bite was a hard hit.
  • Fishing Method: Casting
  • Lure Used: Gulp Minnow
  • Lure Color(s): Silver with Blue
  • Latitude and Longitude : 43.05400270000001, -73.72170109999999
  • Nearest City: Saratoga Springs NY
  • Map View:
  • Water Surface Conditions: Glass
  • Weather Condition Overview: Sunny
  • Air Temperature (F): 66.2
  • Wind Coming From: N
  • Wind Speed (mph): 2.2
  • Air Pressure (mb): 1013
  • Surface Temperature: 71.0 (f)
  • Temp at 5-10 ft: (f)
  • Temp at 11-15 ft: (f)
  • Temp at 16-20 ft: (f)
  • Temp at 21-25 ft: (f)
  • Temp at 26-30 ft: (f)
  • Temp at 31-35 ft: (f)
  • Temp at 36-40 ft: (f)
  • Temp at 41-45 ft: (f)
  • Temp at 46-50 ft: (f)
  • Temp at 51-60 ft: (f)
  • Temp at 61-70 ft: (f)
Additional tips for catching Largemouth Bass:
Summer is a great time to catch Largemouth Bass on Saratoga Lake. The weather forecast for the next three days shows that it will be sunny with temperatures in the mid-80s. This means that the fish will likely be more active in the morning and evening when the water is cooler.

When fishing for Largemouth Bass on Saratoga Lake, it’s important to pay attention to the weeds. Ceratophyllum demersum, Elodea canadensis, and Myriophyllum spicatum are all common weeds found in this lake. These weeds provide cover and shade for the fish, so they are often found near them.

The underwater ledge that drops off sharply from 20 feet to 70 feet deep is also a good spot to find Largemouth Bass. They like to hang out near structure where they can hide from predators and ambush their prey.

To catch Largemouth Bass on Saratoga Lake, try using a Texas-rigged worm or a jig with a crawfish trailer. Green pumpkin or watermelon seed colors work well in this lake. Cast your lure near weed beds or structure and let it sink slowly to the bottom before giving it a few twitches.

Remember to be patient when fishing for Largemouth Bass on Saratoga Lake. They can be finicky at times, but with the right strategy and lure choice, you’ll have a better chance of landing one of these prized fish.

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Last modified: September 26, 2023