Saturday was an amazing day

Saturday was an amazing day - Nate Galimore Fishing - amazing

Saturday was an amazing day on Lake George. The weather was nice, and the fish where biting. I had the pleasure of going out with fellow New York State Outdoor Guides Association member Timothy Keefe of Keefe Hollow Outfitting Co. His son, father, and father-in-law also joined us. Lots of laughs, and experiences where shared. Tim ruthlessly plugged your amazing spoons Wayne Richter!!! 🙂 He wouldn’t fish with anything else, they caught some nice Smallies. I caught a 25″ Chain Pickerel on a Buzz Bomb, and lost an awesome Smallie in spectacular fashion. I cast a decent spoon when it the water, I felt it get hammered followed by a surface exploding Smallie, then my line went slack. The amazing part, about 30 seconds later the massive small mouth exploded out of the water again throwing my spoon!!! It was a pretty cool seeing that!

Last modified: May 13, 2022

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